About Us

The African Diaspora Foundation is a non profit charity based in Milton Keynes, UK. The aim of our Foundation is to celebrate our unique history and cultural heritage, deepening our understanding of our wonderful continent and minimise cultural segregation. We believe in bringing together Africans and the whole Milton Keynes community to create, through UMOJA (oneness), the concept that we are all connected.

These are our objectives: To provide a platform for integration of all Milton Keynes communities specifically leading to;

  • The breaking down of cultural barriers
  • Reduction of gun and knife crime
  • Creating community cohesion and resilience
  • Building trust and community relationships
  • Addressing mental health and wellbeing
  • Create awareness of the opportunities available
    within the business community

The African Diaspora Foundation, through the African Diaspora Festival, has inspired many youths in Milton Keynes since it's inauguration in August 2017. The event allowed them to showcase their talents through music, dance, poetry, storytelling and a fashion show. In 2019, we had over 75 young girls and boys taking part at the African Diaspora Festival giving them a unique opportunity to be part of something they love doing.